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The problem
Today we are faced with complex privacy and security issues that were not existent even 15 years in the past. As the Internet came into existance, many different entities such as spammers and advertising firms have gained terrifying access into our most intimate habits. In addition, using tracking, data collecting, hacking, and other various techniques, these entities have a more detailed model of our behaviors, interests, as well as information on every website we visit.

Furthermore, public wifi has become a national sensation with access points available in almost every store, restaurant, library, hotel and schools. However, these public wifi hotspots pose as some of the most dangerous and easily accessible places for hackers to intercept logins, passwords, and credit card numbers as well as personal information and intimate datas about our every day lives.

The solution
Our solution to privacy and security on the Internet is to provide a secure virtual private network tunnel between you and our servers with super strong encryption. This enables you to appear as if your are another system on the Internet and, additionally, secures you on public wifi networks. This, with the addition of clearing cookies and any website session data, will effectively protect your identity, privacy, and security online.

Our commitment
Private Internet Access, Inc. has gained incredible insights into the interoperations of marketing firms, advertising firms, companies and more. Appalled by the incredibly detailed access to the private lives of internet users, the company sought out the most effective solution to help users regain their privacy and security, effectively adopting new goals and principles for the company which was originally rooted from the ground up as a marketing, media and web development firm.

"We like to believe that our application of privacy and security layers is the most effective solution to the problems users, like you and I, face today. The Internet is a powerful tool which, if used for good, produces diverse innovations, new cultures, accelerated education, new technologies, and, in short, prosperity. Historians like to label each time period as defined by the technology which had the most dramatic impact on the peoples of the time period. Our privacy and security are both very important and should be safe guarded in order to maintain integrity and freedom in our society as well as prosperity and diversity."

"Although our service may effectively make you anonymous, this, in effect, keeps you from becoming another statistic; in essence, protecting your rights to uniqueness. Protect your privacy. It's your right."

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Thank you for letting us protect you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.