PIA In The Media

“Private Internet Access is one of the most advanced VPNs on the market, sure to satisfy even the most demanding of users.
The speed results speak for themselves: Private Internet Access is one of the fastest VPN services available in 2020, and is an easy recommendation for anyone looking for raw speed above all else.”
“Private Internet Access is a VPN Service provider specializing in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels that create several layers of privacy and security on the internet. They also support numerous organizations in their justful fight for internet privacy.”
“They are VPN service provider who specializes in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels which create several layers of privacy and security. (Private Internet Access) provides maximum security as their service is strongly supported by multiple gateways worldwide”
“PIA does offer all of the security and encryption features you could want from a VPN, along with servers in multiple locations to get around location blocks, options to connect your router for an always-on connection, and multiple encryption and connectivity methods.”
“It is therefore never possible to match any of Private Internet Access' clients to an external IP. This makes tracking of specific users impossible, for obvious reasons.”
“Private Internet Access provides tech-savvy users with the ability to choose among different encryption and authentication protocols.”
“I now use PIA nearly every day, almost all the time.”
“When shopping for a VPN service, it is recommended to find a service that does not log its customers’ traffic and prevents an anonymity-unmasking issue known as IPv6 leakage. Private Internet Access carries that level of security.”
“While it has a lot of great features we enjoyed using like the ad blocker, browser extensions, and multi-device support, Private Internet Access really blew us away with its privacy protection features.”
“VPN service Private Internet Access makes it easy for users to take advantage of VPN technology to surf online privately and securely while introducing new features that competitors don't offer.”
“If I had to pick, Private Internet Access would get my dollar any day of the week. The service is the complete package, with a solid number of available servers sporting healthy connection speeds, apps that work across every major platform, and a privacy policy that puts the customer first, I can’t think of what else we’d want in a VPN that costs less than a carnitas burrito every month.”
“A Virtual Private Network is a useful thing to have, and not just for travelers. It encrypts all the data sent and received between your device and the host network, allowing for greater personal security when using the Internet. We used one anytime we were on mobile devices or laptops.”
“Meet Private Internet Access; a US-based provider of VPN services, with an emphasis on usability and choice of endpoint. They’re fast, and really quite good — and should be no surprise that they’re listed on our Best VPN Service Providers page.”
“Avoid using wireless networks in hotels, airports, and cafes for checking email, logging into work-related applications, or doing anything else requiring privacy. A far safer alternative is to use a virtual private network (VPN)—either one set up for accessing your company network remotely, or a personal VPN service that will encrypt your web connection and allow you to browse anonymously. Options include Private Internet Access®”
“...one of the world’s first Bitcoin-accepting business...”
“You’re being watched. Whether it’s a tracking cookie or a criminal, someone can track every step of your online activity. As the world becomes more connected and accessible, VPN services like Private Internet Access can keep you off the grid and safe, whether you’re at home or on a public wifi network. As a satisfied customer myself, I was excited to talk with Co-Founder Andrew Lee and CEO Ted Kim about how the company provides a secure tunnel to their network.”
“Having been around since 2010, Private Internet Access (PIA) is a well-respected VPN service.”